Dr Vohra has been preparing medico-legal reports for instructing parties since 1996 and so has gained a reputation for his customer service, both in terms of dealing with claimants and instructing parties.

It is Dr Vohra’s firm belief that personal injury claimants should be treated with respect and dignity. The process of medico-legal reporting can seem overwhelming and daunting for claimants, and it is vitally important to be responsive to claimants’ needs and concerns. Claimants will inevitably have different working patterns, and therefore a degree of flexibility has to be exercised wherever reasonably possible.

Dr Vohra has undertaken courtroom skills training and has experience of giving evidence in court both in England and in Scotland.

What to expect as a patient?


Notification of the appointment date, time and location will normally sent by post, with details of how to confirm, or how to cancel or change the day and time. The actual appointment will normally last around twenty minutes. On occasion a longer appointment will be required, and to accommodate such occurrences I do allow catch-up time between my booked appointments. Naturally I do try my utmost to run to time, but on occasions I may not be able to see individual clients at the precise allocated time. If I am running behind for any reason, then I will ensure that this is communicated to my reception staff. I would, however, stress that most of the time I am able to run to schedule. It would be helpful if you could attend prior to your allocated time, but not too early, in order to keep waiting room numbers down. Ten minutes prior to the allocated appointment time would be ideal. It would be preferable if you could either attend alone or with just one accompanying adult if necessary.

Please bring two forms of identification, one of which is photographic. A passport or photo driving licence would be acceptable. I accept that all non-photographic identification could reasonably include utility bills, bank/credit card statements, council tax bills and birth certificates.

As part of the assessment a physical examination of the injured area will generally be necessary, so please do wear appropriate clothing. You may wish to be accompanied by an adult friend or family member throughout the entire assessment, or just the physical examination, and that is entirely acceptable. I will, of course, need to declare the name and relationship of the accompanying adult. Should you require a chaperone for examination, that is also fine, and advance notice of this requirement would be very helpful. If you have any special requirements at all such as disabled access or an interpreter or anything else, it would be most helpful if my administration team could be informed in advance.

The report that I prepare is intended to be independent and prepared in a format that is suitable for presentation to Court if necessary. I will discuss with you the report and the opinions that I intend to express while you are with me. This is to ensure openness and transparency, but also an opportunity for you to make me aware of any issues that you feel I may have missed or misinterpreted.

Once you have had sight of the completed report you may feel that amendments are necessary. If this is the case, then please do communicate that to my office team and I will do all that I am able to resolve any amendment requests and ensure that the final report is accurate and agreeable to you.

In some circumstances I may recommend some form of further treatment such as physiotherapy or counselling. I may also recommend that a further report is obtained from a specialist if the reported injury is particularly complex or if I feel unable to offer an opinion or a prognosis for that injury. This is not a common occurrence, but should be considered as a possibility.

Medical records are not normally required, but on occasions may be helpful. If this is the case, then I may request your permission to obtain your medical records.