Dr Vohra’s administration team will send written notification of your appointment with venue details and relevant information. Please respond to that notification by means of the provided stamped addressed envelope or by text, email or telephone.

If the allocated appointment time or date are not suitable, then please make Dr Vohra’s office aware either by means of the stamped addressed envelope sent to you, or again by text, email or telephone, and giving an indication of what your preferred availability is. Dr Vohra’s team will do their utmost to accommodate your availability.

Dr Vohra does work some late evening and early morning sessions as well as some weekends, depending on demand. Please let Dr Vohra’s office know your availability and any restrictions to your availability and we will do our utmost to accommodate.

Dr Vohra’s preference is to see claimants in a clinic setting. This may not always be possible or practical, but if a home visit proves to be necessary for medical or other reasons, then yes, home visits are possible.

In order to maintain social distancing and to keep waiting room numbers low, we would prefer claimants to attend alone if possible. If you would like to bring an adult with you for support or other assistance such as access or communication, then yes, that is no problem.

It is preferable not to have accompanying children (unless they are to be medically examined). On occasions it is unavoidable, and in those circumstances please let my office know in order that the appointment can be timed appropriately.

If you have a suitable adult friend or family member who is able to translate, then please do feel free to bring them with you. If you need a formal interpreter, then please let my office know as soon as possible so that suitable arrangements can be made.

All the consulting venues are suitably accessible. It would be most helpful if you could let my office know in advance what your access requirements are so that provisions can be made on the day. This may include reserving a parking space, allowing an extra long appointment for you, and making sure that ramps, etc, are available.

Yes, that is no problem. Naturally, if you wish to bring your own adult chaperone with you, then that is entirely acceptable. Otherwise, advance notice that you need a chaperone would be helpful.

Please just let Dr Vohra’s office know. Over the last twenty years we have been faced with a variety of requests and have generally been able to accommodate.

If it is possible and safe, then please let Dr Vohra’s office or the venue know that you are having difficulty. You may also text Dr Vohra or leave him a voicemail, but he will only be able to respond between booked patients. Dr Vohra’s team will do all they are able to assist you. Dr Vohra allows catch-up time during the day, so please do not become stressed if you are running late. Just arrive safely and Dr Vohra’s team will do everything that is possible to accommodate you.

If you still intend to proceed with your claim, then we will organise another appointment for you. Naturally, organising a new appointment will result in some delay to your claim. If you miss a second appointment, then we would not normally arrange any further appointments unless there is a good reason for doing so.

It is important to properly assess an injury, the consequences of the injury and to offer a reasonable estimate for recovery of that injury. If you are seen too soon, then it may be difficult to offer a realistic prediction for how long it will take your injury to resolve. Six weeks after the accident is a reasonable guide for how long to wait in order to make a reasonable assessment.

The purpose of your assessment is to document what injuries were sustained, the effects of those injuries and to offer a prognosis for recovery. If Dr Vohra were to offer treatment, then this would have implications for his independent status. Dr Vohra may make a recommendation for further treatment such as physiotherapy or counselling if he believes that this will be beneficial.

You will need to make this known on the injury claims portal along with any comments that you would like to make. If the disagreement is due to a simple error, then this may be easily rectified. Otherwise, Dr Vohra will need to contact you for clarification in order that the disagreement be resolved.

This will, of course, be disappointing for all parties. View the companies complaint procedure. Alternatively, a copy may be requested from Dr Vohra’s office by telephone, email or by text.